A night to remember with MeNa Restaurant

mena restaurant little italy

On Friday, I had the amazing opportunity to experience my first blind-tasting multi-course meal.

MēNa Restaurant recently opened after completing an extensive 6-month renovation and I had the chance to explore their new menu, kitchen, and atmosphere. I’m an observer by nature, and having to sit across from the open kitchen was a complete treat. It was packed, so we sat at the bar and I watched the kitchen, under Executive Chef James Bratsberg, function in synchronicity as if they’ve spent centuries practicing for this grand re-opening. Despite the volume of people waiting for their 5, 7, or 9-course meal, the staff was calm, cool, and collected—never once overlooking a detail or cutting a corner for lack of time.

We enjoyed the 5-course blind tasting meal with wine pairing. Sommlier Rob Nellis helped us travel from the vineyards to the moment we would take the first sip of our carefully-chosen wine—never once making me feeling out of place for not being so well-versed in my wine!

We explored everything from crab to smoked salmon, to lamb ending with this delicious Vanilla and Orange int Panna Cotta and a chef’s surprise that included these mouth0watering salted dolce macaron. Their generous that evening was unprecedented, I’m truly grateful for the experience and I can safely say, I will be returning very soon. Make sure to treat yourself next time you’re in Little Italy!



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