Clarins SOS Primer Collection

If you haven’t heard, Clarins released a ton of new primers that cater to any and all skin concerns.

Swatches Top to Bottom: 04 Violet Water; 01 Rose Water; 03 Red Water; 02 Orange Water

Clarins SOS Primer Collection

The new Clarins SOS Primer ($39) includes 8 different primers that range from glowing goddess finish to correcting discoloration. That’s a ton of solutions for a ton of skin issues! In general, the formula is lightweight, fluid, and does the job well. Not to mention, the packaging is cute, compact, and extremely travel-friendly!

The majority of these can be considered correcting primers and don’t have that heavy silicone feel, so if you do have large pores or need extra help controlling oily spots, it might be more beneficial to mix and match. Here’s a quick rundown of all the different types:

  • Shade 00 Universal Light: works great if you want to add a subtle layer of radiance beneath your makeup.
  • Shade 01 Rose: a great option if you’re looking to minimize the appearance of pure exhaustion.
  • Shade 02 Peach: the orange hue counteracts shadows (blues & blacks) for a more even skintone.
  • Shade 03 Coral: the deeper orange hue works great if you have intense dark spots.
  • Shade 04 Green: works great to conceal redness on the cheeks and around the nose.
  • Shade 05 Lavender: corrects a sallow (yellow-ish) complexion for an overall radiance.
  • Shade 06 Bronze: a great bronzing primer for fair-skin.
  • Shade 07 Mocha: perfect for bronzing deeper skin tones.
But, don’t forget to pick these up

Clarins also released the BEST LIP TINTS that have ever grace our lips. You know we’re huge Dior Lip Tattoo addicts, but the Clarins Waterlip Lip Tints ($25) are beyond anything we’ve come across. The formula feels like pure water, settles deep into your lips without drying them out, and the color is basically budge-proof. It has a matte finish, but a serious barely-there feel. We wore these in LA and never once did we worry about our lips. The colors range from natural to pouty to flushed—and we suggest you pick up all the shades.

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