Celebrating the biggest professional beauty awards in Canada

Hair is a big part of ymorbeauty.com, so I am more than happy to share info on one of the biggest beauty awards in Canada—the Contessa Awards.

Created to recognize the best and brightest in the professional beauty industry, Contessa Awards is a photo-based competition evaluated by a panel of industry experts. Pictures are important to me and my brand, so knowing you can enter an award using your creativity and originality is so amazing. In celebration of the #Contessa2018 Awards held in Toronto on Sunday, November 12th, here’s a few amazing brands that will make an appearance.


Schwarzkopf has been making major appearances on ymorbeauty.com, most recently with my GLISS contest on Instagram (which you can enter www.glisshairrepair.ca), but I also enjoyed their color expertise not that long ago. They have always been a major player in the hair industry, so I am happy to see them taking part of Contessa!


Ah, a high school favorite. I never have anything bad to say about Moroccanoil and you can feel free to explore the brand (and my favorites) here and here. Their products have done wonders for my dry, curly hair!

L’Oreal Professional

L’Oreal is not a stranger around here and they are one of the biggest names in hair that will be taking part of Contessa this November. (They don’t just make great, affordable make-up!) You can explore my thoughts on a few of their ranges here.

FTC: these products were sent to me for my consideration; all opinions are my own!