Dior Backstage Foundation & Collection Review

Hold up, stop what you’re doing because the most beautiful products just dropped. Let’s talk the Dior Backstage Foundation & Collection.

Dior Backstage Foundation Swatches Top to Bottom: 2N, 3N, 4N, 8N

Dior Backstage Collection

Long story short—Dior, in conjunction with their Creative Director Peter Philips, released a whole collection around professional products that are easy to use. Everything a makeup artist needs to survive their runaway show, but in your beauty room. Think beautiful but simple, basic but professional. The collection is composed of 40 foundations shades, 2 eye palettes, 2 eyebrow palettes, 1 contour palette, 1 highlight palette, and 1 lip palette.

Dior Backstage Foundation

The Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation ($50) delivers 40 different shades with 6 different undertones that range from rosy to olive to neutral. (All-encompassing shade range yess!) The formula feels and looks very water-like, but it’s build-able—you can choose the coverage your heart desires. One application is efficient, so we recommend applying in thin layers for your desired look. It’s waterproof and made to be long-lasting, but it doesn’t have a matte powder finish. Your skin will look more radiant and luminous without much effort. (Did we mention the price point is amazing for a Dior foundation??)

Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palettes

The Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palettes ($59) come in both a Warm and a Cool set of shades. Both palettes include a creamy primer to be used with the shadows for a more long-lasting effect. (We told you this is an all-encompassing MUA’s survival kit.) There’s 8 super pigmented and creamy shades in matte and shimmer finishes, so you can rock both natural and glam looks. Both palettes are very neutral, with a blend of rosy, brown, and cool hues that might seem redundant if you have a ton of palettes. But! These are totally worth the splurge, simply because the formula is stellar and you’re bound to hit pan on most of these colors. (Basically, expect this to become your new staple palette regardless of what you already own.)

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette and Contour Palette

The Dior Backstage Glow Palette ($59) consists of 2 blush shades and 2 highlight shades with super fine pearly finishes. The formula is so smooth, it won’t deposit large glitter particles or highlight textured skin. It delivers an even radiant gloss wherever you choose to apply it. The blend of cool and warm shades make it extremely versatile if you’re on the fence about the pricepoint. (Especially if you already have a thousand shimmery palettes.) You can rock a warm glow on the cheekbones, a cool shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes, and a rosy bronzed flush across your face. The quad consists of a hefty amount of product that will come in handy for any and all situations!

For more of a sculpted look, the Dior Backstage Contour Palette ($55) offers a 4 shades that should suit all skintones. The palette is made to offer stand-alone contour shades, but to get the most bang for you buck, these work incredibly well if you mix and match to create a custom color. Most complaints revolve around the shades being too cool or too grey; this is a contour palette and not a bronzing palette, so it’s expected to be cool and ashy just like natural shade. If you’re fair, it’s best to apply in light application because these powders are pigmented and you can easily go from chiseled goddess to mud face. A total must-have whether you’re a beginner or a pro!

Dior Backstage Lip Palette

The Dior Backstage Lip Palette ($59), next to the Dior Backstage Foundation, is by far our fave release. You get 9 different Dior-grade stand alone lip shades, not to mention the endless mixing possibilities, for $59. If this is not the optimal travel product, we don’t know what is. The top row is made of glossy shades, the middle row offers satin finishes, and the bottom row is all about the deep rich matte colors. Everything is warm, beautiful, and suits all skintones. Expect pigmentation and a world of colorful posibilities!

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