Dior’s Capture Youth collection is a must-have

Dior’s Capture Youth collection blew our expectations right out of the water.

Dior Capture Youth Collection

Capture Youth collection is the age-defying collection, formulated with a wide range of antioxidants to prevent the signs of damage—whereas Capture Totale is the anti-aging collection, which we discussed here. Depending on where you find yourself on the anti-aging spectrum, Dior caters to both prevention and reversal of signs of damage (which inevitable leads to the visible signs of ‘aging’).

The Dior Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Crème ($120) targets uneven skin tone, while supporting the skin’s natural defenses with its antioxidant infused formula. Dior’s Age-Delay Regime encourages you to combine both the Advanced Creme with at least 1 of their newest serums—which we’re obsessed with.

A serum for every skin

The Capture Youth collection includes 5 new serums tailored for specific skin issues and we got to explore 3 of them:

You can use these serums on their own, before or mixed into your face cream—or even as primers! We’ve been loving the Plumping serum before foundation for an added oomph. If you have oiler skin, we recommend trying the Matte Maximizer Serum, to keep your make-up from budging. There’s literally a dozen different ways to use this little bottles of magic!

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