Here’s what happened 6 months after my last laser session

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been getting laser sessions at The Ten Spot in Westboro. Here’s what happened 6 months after my last session.

I posted my full experience in April, but to fully understand the extent of my experience, I had to let time do its thing.

Just to reiterate, my life and my schedule revolved around wax appointments. Whether I was traveling, getting a simple pedicure, or throwing on a cute dress for a beauty event—everything had to be planned around when I was getting rid of my super dark thick leg hair. (I’m also translucent pale, so it was extremely visible.) The Ten Spot in Ottawa’s Westboro Village—who introduced laser hair removal into their wide array of beauty services—caught wind of my struggles and encouraged me to live my #lifeonlaser with full leg laser treatments. Of course, I was all about that life.

6 months post-treatment

It’s been 6 months (which is truly wild) since I had my last hair-blasting treatment and I had the best summer of my life. No shaving, no waxing, filled with dresses, shorts, and swimwear. My legs are smoother with no in-growns to be seen and I find my skin to be even with no small dark spots (where the hair follicles used to be). And most importantly, I lived freely. Wanted to go for a pedicure? Let’s do it. Super hot day calls for a pool party? Call everyone. My biggest issue has always been the fact that my life revolved around my wax appointments.

I got 6 full treatments, and after 6 months, I have minimal re-growth across my knees, back of my calfs, and around my thighs. It’s hardly noticeable, and naturally, some spots may be missed along the way, which makes me think a 7th session would be extremely beneficial. The hair, however, is super fine and sparse, so it doesn’t bother me. In all, full leg laser was the best decision I ever made, thanks to the wonderful team at The Ten Spot in Westboro.

A few things to consider

Do your research and find a place with the best laser machine. They don’t come equal and that’s the most important piece of advice I can give you. The Ten Spot Westboro has the latest machine and their crew is trained to use it. It’s a short-term financial investment that pays in the long run–especially if you get waxed every 2 weeks like I did. Finally, don’t throw away your razors just yet, you will have to shave in-between sessions and pre-laser! Pain-wise, I found it tolerable, depending on the time of the month (periods makes you extra sensitive), but The Ten Spot does offer numbing cream.

What’s next?

I had such an incredible experience, I’ve started my journey with Brazilian laser treatments! That was a whole different experience and I can’t wait to share more with you soon. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to catch live-updates of my sessions!



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