How does micellar water work

Micellar water feels like the cult cleanser everyone has raved about, but how does it really work? Our obsession first started with one of the OG–Bioderma H2O–and then it slowly transitioned to the super affordable and efficient Garnier Micellar Water. In-between, almost every brand has released some version of a micellar water. Despite different names and bottles, they all work the same way.

How does micellar water work

Micellar water is efficient because it utilizes basic chemistry to physically attract dirt and makeup. If you’ve seen our Insta-Stories under the Science Highlight, then you can easily visualize it. It’s all about surfectant molecules, which have a ‘tail’ attracted to oil and a ‘head’ attracted to water. Normally, water and oil would never mix! Now, we get the refreshing water feel with the dirt-attracting oils.

Is micellar water a good cleanser?

Totally! It’s perfect for rushed morning routine or to gently breakdown makeup in the evening. Or after the gym. Or in the afternoon after a hot day. Micellar water is versatile and quite universal (aka made for all skin types).

When you have a bunch of surfactants in a cluster, they’re called micelles (usually in a ball formation where the water-happy head is on the outside and the oil-loving tail is hidden inside). Micellar water is basically micelles (surfactants in a ball-form) hanging out in water. This oil/water mixture works great when you need to remove makeup or refresh your skin!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

Okay, Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution ($19.90) was the original love our lives (before micellar water became more mainstream). It’s a French pharmacy staple and we’ve been in love with this formula since we first laid eyes on it watching a Lisa Eldridge YouTube video.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water

Garnier’s Micellar Water (~$10) is our more affordable obsession. As with the rest, it’s an all-in-one cleanser that rids your skin from impurities without the need for alcohol or oil. Use it as your only cleanser in the morning to freshen up your skin or as your first cleanse in a two-step system to breakdown your makeup and SPF. Either way, your skin is going to feel refreshed and hydrated, and your wallet will be happy.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water

A newer addition to our micellar line-up, the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water ($45) stems from the Dragon’s Blood collection. Dragon’s Blood is actually a powerful tree sap extract that comforts skin, so why not infuse it into the micelle solution for optimal cleansing?! We also love the push dispensing system, so major bonus bonus points Rodial.

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