How to use Sunday Riley Products for the best skin possible

Listen. It takes a lot for us to encourage you to spend mad coins, but there’s 3 products from Sunday Riley that you absolutely need in your life. So, here’s how to use Sunday Riley products, for the best skin possible.

is sunday riley good genes worth it

is sunday riley good genes worth it

is sunday riley good genes worth it

We’ve been testing out 3 different Sunday Riley products that can solve a wide range of skincare issues. Including these is a major step towards glowing, radiant skin with minimal breakouts.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment

The Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment ($135) was our first taste of skincare glory. (It was truly a pivotal addition to our skincare routine, to be frank.) Made it lactic acid, a common Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), it is extremely efficient at increasing cell turnover—which is fancy for saying it removes any dead skin cell build-up by breaking down the glue holding them together. When your ‘dead’ cells are being removed efficiently, it naturally eliminates that top dull layer, which can home hyperpigmentation and acne scars. If you deal with persistent sebaceous filaments on your nose (mistakenly referred to as blackheads), that’s the first place you’ll notice major improvement with consistent use of Good Genes. (Imaging all that build-up in your pores being slowly sloughed off.) Besides that, you’ll quickly notice an overall brightening, softness, and radiance to your skin. We’re already squeezing out the last drops of our 3rd bottle!

We recommend using this pretty frequently if your skin tolerates it. We apply with during our nighttime routine, so we can wake up and enjoy its full benefits.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

The Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($135) is probably the most well-known product from Sunday Riley, and even borders as a cult-favorite. Aging of our skin is an intricate biological process, which none of us can escape, however, photo-aging (or sun/environmental damage) is more of a preventable process. That’s where molecules like Trans-Retinoic Acid, also known as┬átretinoin, come in handy. It’s been shown that tretinoin is super effective at preventing collagen degradation, which is important when it comes to minimizing wrinkles, fine lines, and maintaining that natural ‘plump’ appearance.

A little goes. along way with the Luna Oil, so we recommend applying it 1-2x per week whenever you don’t use the Good Genes, as a anti-aging treatment. We find our love for retinoids come and go, which is why we prefer to use them as treatments versus daily.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

The Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum ($110) is an amazing daytime product. We’ve talk extensively about the amazing effects of vitamin C and this is a highly-potent formula that protects your skin, while minimizing dark spots and dullness.The formula is creamy, soothing, and fast-absorbing. It’s a fabulous addition to your morning routine, so you can make that Good Genes glow last throughout the day.

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