Julep – Maven Box Review


I’m a sucker for a pretty box.

I’ve heard good things about Julep, and since they were running a promotion, I took the opportunity to order my first Maven box.

photo5photo6 It came with 3 polishes and 1 nail & cuticle serum (separate review). From right to left as they are placed in the box: Tegan – Boho Glam, Winter – It Girl, and Eden – It Girl. These colors are gorgeous and I had a hard time deciding which one I would wear first.

I went with the purple, which initially went on goopy. However, I gave it a good shake until I heard the clicking, and it went on smoothly. (I actually had to re-do my nails because the first time was a disaster). The polish goes on shiny, but dries a little flat and translucent. You definitely need a second coat, but make sure to apply thin coats or it will take forever to dry. Tip: fill a bowl with water and add an ice cube. Then, dip your freshly painted nails, alternating hands, and it will instantly dry up your polish!

photo2 photo4I was really happy with the final color, but I just had to try the shimmery polish. The sparkles are very fine and densely packed together, which gives a beautiful starry finish. I initially painted one accent nail, but I loved it so much that I just painted all of them! Seriously, I plan on putting this on top of everything now. I’m sure it would look really nice with a grey or a black canvas, or every other color in the world.

I really would recommend you head over to Julep and sign up for their offer. The box is free, but you need to pay for shipping (~2.99). It automatically signs you up for their monthly subscription, but you can call them and cancel if you only want to try their box. (This wasn’t a sponsored review, but I had to spread the polish love).

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