The key to antiaging and brightening

Ah, you know I’m a huge fan of For Beloved One.

If you want to learn a bit more about For Beloved One, check out my past reviews for an in-depth history. They recently added a new collection, the Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key series, to address any issues with aging and brightening. I mean, who doesn’t want radiant even skin? The collection includes 5 different products, 2 of which I had the chance to try for myself.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence

I’ve only recently started getting into essence and the Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence ($79CAD) is a great place to start. The formula is infused with both Lumiskin and Wonderlight, trade-marked ingredients that work together to stifle skin-darkening enzymes (inhibition of pigmentation). Basically, you can say goodbye to hyper-pigmentation and hello to radiant skin.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask

Hands down, For Beloved One makes my favorite sheet masks. They’re not actually made of sheet, they’re bio-cellulose masks. It’s more jelly-like, which means they feel cool and comfortable while adhering to every curve and contour. They’re not cheap, $62.99CAD per box (3 pieces), but I save them for special events or when I’m traveling. The new Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask also includes the Lumiskin and Wonderlight ingredients, as well collagen and elastin boosting ingredients. You can expect super plump skin!

As always, you can pick these up only at or at T&T!

FTC: these products were sent to me for my consideration; all opinions are my own!



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