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PhotoGrid_1416780892959I thought of changing it up a little with a Lifestyle tag. I enjoy reading about people’s lives, especially when I can look at pictures! Most of the time, I have uneventful days between classes, clinical, and washing dishes–but this week was exciting.

  • I went on a little Body Shop haul today. Some Sunday shopping for the soul never hurt nobody. I had to return a dress and I needed to stock up on winter products. Their awesome Buy 3 Get 3 Free deal also helped steer me into the store. I did buy some new things that I will most likely review.
  • I spent three days prepping sugar cookies. I used to bake a lot, but life got in the way. However, I love the Holidays because it’s a good excuse to get away from work and get my hands dirty. (And the whole kitchen.) These snowflake cookies are very simple to decorate, but they look super professional. I wish I could make desserts for a living.
  • Saturday, I had a mental health day with a friend that involved everything from wine and homemade Greek food to shopping and chill time. (A giant cheesecake was hurt during this process.) It was much needed, especially since our brutal semester is coming to an end. We already decided this would be a recurrent theme until we graduate.
  • I had too much wine and too much coffee within a short period of time on Saturday, so I ended up having the worst sleep. A stimulant and a depressant battled it out all night, until I gave up and made a cup of coffee around 5AM. My room looks out onto a busy street, but for once, it was deserted. I took a hot minute to zen out.
  • Thursday, I wrapped up clinical with a presentation so I took the opportunity to use my new NYX products. Also, I forgot how much I like Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer and Maybelline’s 24hr color tattoos–perfect items for a soft and dewy look.
  • Friday, I pulled out my emergency Clarins’ cleanser because the cold had my skin struggling to retain its moister. I hadn’t prepped for our first snowfall, but this guy kept me going until I stocked up on hydrating products. It was also a beautiful, bright day. I was up early for clinical and I was positive the light was trying to tell me TGIF.

Let me know if you enjoy these, and if it’s something I should maintain!

Thank you for reading!


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