Remedies for lack of sleep and dull skin

remedies for lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation is not cute and quickly shows up on your skin, so here’s how you can fight back from the inside out.

Tea is a major part of my life—nothing like a warm cup to soothe the soul and I’ve recently introduced Your Tea into my routine. After a set of 4 nightshifts in a row, my rhythm is all over the place and it quickly shows on my skin. (No amount of multi-masking can help, at that point.)

Your Tea

Your Tea balances and blends ancient wisdom with modern health to deliver quality tea. I absolutely love their Skin Magic Tea and their Sleep Tea when I’m on a nightshift bend and need some remedies for my lack of sleep and dull sin. The Skin Magic Tea is infused with ingredients like Chinese Red Tea, Liquorice root, Jasmine flower, Aloe Vera, and Lotus Seed Heart to support the health of your skin from the inside out. If I have a moment, I’ll usually brew myself a cup and try to take a moment to breathe. When I’m struggling to fall asleep, I’ve been reaching for my Sleep Tea, which aims to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep—all of which I need in my life! The sleep tea is infused with things like Black Tea, chinese date, licorice root, and lavender.

Of course, I drink on the go with their beautiful glass and bamboo tumbler, which holds an impressive amount of tea!

Your Tea has quite a few other collections, so you can find the tea that fits your lifestyle! (Plus, they have free shipping Canada wooo!)

FTC: these products were sent to me for my consideration; all opinions are my own!

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