Ombré Therapy: Damaged, Bleached Hair (Part I)


PhotoRecently, I decided to professionally upgrade my ombré. I had originally done it myself and I was surprisingly happy with the outcome, but once you start going lighter, you really can’t stop. (Check out L’Oreal’s dye box and make sure to use the brush.) I literally spent a whole day at the salon because the hairdresser insisted on color correction before applying any lighter dye. This involved bleaching my hair from the middle of my head, downwards. He also added a transition shade between my dark brown hair and the blonde. I have thick, curly hair that falls below my bra, but it hardly stood a chance against all those chemicals.

When he was done, my hair felt goopy and stringy–as if someone had overcooked linguine. Due to damage, I had a crazy amount of water retention and he had to use two blow-dryers. (At the same time.) As he was styling my hair, I could hear it snap off with the round brush. This sounds dramatic… because it damn was! When I got home, I sat down and started reading damaged-hair testimonials and researching treatments. I also cried, because, ain’t no shame in that. I didn’t even bother keeping the blowout for more than 24 hours before I went out to stock up on some of the most popular protein products.

The four products I picked were: Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus, Redken Extreme CAT Spray, Redken Extreme Conditioner, and Joico’s K-Pak Extreme Hydrator. I’ve had these guys on rotation for the last ten days and I can proudly say that it’s progressively getting better. Thankfully, I won’t need anything beyond a trim in a couple of weeks. (I was convinced I had to go back to a short bob after this disaster.)

To avoid a text heavy post, I will go into more detail on each product and how I used them in Part II.

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