Ombré Therapy: Keratin Treatments (Part II)

Let’s talk about keratin treatments.

IMG_0681The Redken Extreme CAT has been, by far, the most efficient at rebuilding my hair follicles.The directions on the bottle say to spray it on your hair after your shampoo, and to leave it on for 3-5 minutes. However, I use a more tedious version of that. After shampooing, I squeeze out any excess water from my hair, spray this on, wait 5 minutes, and then I wash it off with water–I do this 3 times. After a lot researching, this seemed to be the most efficient way. (A few reviews mentioned this is the salon method.) Tip: after spraying the product, scrunch your hair as if you’re putting mouse to really work it in. The only problem I have is that the shape of the bottle makes it really difficult to use in the shower!

IMG_0684I use the Strength Builder as a mask before I shower and this stuff is so potent! I hardly ever abide by the times indicated on the bottles (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), but seriously, you would just do more damage leaving it on longer than it is recommended. I usually wet the ends of my hair with cold water before slathering it on, and I leave it for around 15 minutes because my hair is still fried from bleaching. The directions recommend 5-15 minutes, so do it in small increments if your hair is just slightly damaged. Tip: use a shower cap or tie a plastic bag around your head to trap heat and help the product penetrate your hair.

 IMG_0682I decided on getting the Extreme Conditioner because I wanted something to use on a daily basis. On it’s own, I don’t think it would have done much of an immediate difference on my hair, but as part of my protein regime, I think it’s helping. I alternate between this conditioner and my toning conditioner, which I only put on the ends of my hair because I don’t want any purple shampoo or extra protein on my roots.

IMG_0683I really like this mask! It’s hydrating, despite containing keratin. While researching, the K-Pak line and the Redken Extreme line were the most popular, but I kept leaning towards the Redken for no real reason. Maybe after I’m done with these products, I’ll check out the K-Pak line. The bottle recommends you apply to damp hair and leave in for 3-5 minutes, but I put this on for 30-45 minutes. It’s not as potent as the Redken Strength Builder and my hair is so soft the next day.

Most importantly, I deep condition my hair with extra virgin coconut oil once a week to balance out the dryness of protein treatments! I slather it on and keep it in my hair for 24 hours because I don’t put any oil on my roots. This makes it super easy to tie up my hair in a bun and go about my day–you just end up smelling like coconut!

 For a little story about my hair, check out Part I!

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