Revamping your skincare routine with beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to creating the perfect skin routine? Or maybe you want to explore new options? beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart will make your life 10x easier with their personalized skincare consultations.

Skincare can get complicated, but the beautyBOUTIQUE wants to help you create the best skin routine possible, with their free in-store skincare consultations. Of course, I had to check it out.

Beautiful skin starts here

Whether you’re a skin guru or cleanse your face with water, beautyBOUTIQUE will create the routine for you. I might know my stuff, but I definitely could not pass up the opportunity to have a set of fresh eyes assess my skin. So, I took a quick trip to the beautyBOUTIQUE in CF Rideau Center to have my skin checked by a Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Expert. Here’s what I found out.

It’s all in the detail

Your Beauty Expert will ask you a series of questions to find out if you’re fresh, savvy, or guru. Most importantly, they want to know the ‘why’—are you starting to become serious about skincare? Or, did your current routine stop working?

The process is simple and incredibly informative—it’s a serious treat whether you love skincare or if you don’t know where to start. With their hyperpigmentation analyzer, the video microscope allowed us to visualize sunspots hiding deep within the skin. We also saw broken capillaries, oily spots, and found out my hydration level with the moisture checker. (My number? 31, which is just below the minimum of 34.)

Personalized routine

After identifying my main concerns—dehydration and hyperpigmentation—the beauty expert catered to my curiosity by suggesting new products. Filorga’s Hydra-Hyal Concentrate ($80) and the Clarins Nourishing Balm Mask ($34) are both fantastic at infusing moisture back into the skin. (Your dry skin will love you.) For those skin-deep sunspots, Vichy’s LiftActive Skin Corrector ($45) is infused with potent vitamin C to brighten up hyperpigmentation.

MyB Expert was also conscious of incorporating products I already love, like Vichy’s Perfecting Toner ($19.95) and Dior’s Oil to Milk Cleanser ($49). The toner is refreshing and the cleanser is incredibly efficient at breaking down makeup and SPF, without drying out your skin.

For more information about my experience, check out the video below and let me know what you think! I love chatting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

FTC: in partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart; all opinions are my own.