The scoop on Amazon Prime Day

You’ve probably heard the ad on the radio by now, and as an Amazon Associate, I have the scoop on  Amazon Prime Day. So, have a cup of coffee with me and let’s chat. (I want you to be ready for these amazing deals!)

My cup is filled with peonies because I’m happy and it’s a good day for your wallet. Let me explain. Prime Day is Amazon’s annual deals event, making it the perfect day to stock up on the things you love, and possibly, pick up that item you’ve been eye’ing. Only catch? It’s only for Prime members. Don’t fret, however, because this is the perfect time to start you free 30-day Amazon Prime membership to lock in these amazing sales.

Major deals will be taking place—and there will be some exciting savings on fashion items! Or, if you’re planning a trip, hold on a few days to see what’s happening in the luggage section on Prime Day (it’s going to be good).

If I can pick-up beautiful pieces like these shoes, you can bet I’ll be finding you the best items during this sale! Prime Day officially starts 9PM ET on July 10th, so I can’t give you specifics just yet, but I will be rounding-up the best deals with a post as soon as Prime Day begins, so you have a one-stop shop guide! Personally, I know how timelines and deals, and the general online frenzy can be overwhelming, but I will do my best to outline everything as neatly as possible so you can shop straight from!

Stay tuned!

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