These two skincare brands know their stuff

We’ve been exploring two skincare brands that deliver high-impact ingredients and quality results.

Elizabeth Grant

Canadian-based, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care  has been around far longer than we have—and that means they know their stuff. Our love for retinol can be finicky, either we need it 3x a week or we omit it from our routine for months. However, Elizabeth Grant’s Wonder Effect collection brought just what we needed, and not to sound cheesy or anything, but it was wondrous. Retinol is a fantastic ingredient that increases cell turnover and improves collagen synthesis, which basically means you get to enjoy smooth, plump skin. (But you need to be diligent with the sunscreen!). The Wonder Effect Retinologist Night Cream ($70) is a great introduction to retinol, but the real star of EG’s collection is the Retinologist Refining Serum ($70). You can expect less dry patches and more radiance, overnight!

If you’re apprehensive about retinol, another great product is the Wonder Effect Night Wonder Concentrate ($70), which is formulated with a blend of glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid for gentle chemical exfoliation. The formula is lightweight and sinks right into the skin, leaving nothing but radiance behind.


We’re already big fans of the Skinceuticals philosophy. Their formulas are laser-targeted for specific skincare issues and these two have made a serious difference in our skin. The Advanced Pigment Corrector ($90) is a lightweight lotion made for discolored skin. It’s formulated with a blend of 3 different acids that work on exfoliation and uneven skin tone—use it 2-3x a week and you will start to see major changes in hyperpigmentation. If you’re also dealing with active break-outs and want to slow down aging skin, incorporating the Blemish + Age Defense Serum ($90) is a must. The blend of Dioic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Citric Acid create a wholesome anti-aging, anti-sebum, and anti-acne complex.

You can’t go wrong by incorporating products from either brands!

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