Amazon’s most stylish back-to-school kicks under $40

You might have noticed I’m on that back-to-school grind, and this time, I found the best sneakers available on

Back-to-school kicks with Amazon

98% of my shoe closet is Aldo, and when I stumbled on these two back-to-school kicks on, I did a major double-take. They’re both under $50 and they will make the most perfect fashion statement. (Thank you, Amazon.) The Aldo Women’s STEPANIE Fashion Sneakers are the shade everyone is looking for—millennial pink and they will accentuate any outfit you plan on rocking. The round toe lace up athletic shoe with crush back feature is relaxed, but stylish enough to hold its own. (They also come in white!)

If you prefer something a little more vibrant, the Aldo Women’s KINZA Fashion Sneakersmake a huge statement with flower embellishment and gold hardware. Another round toe lace up shoe, the KINZA style quickly catches the eye with the rose embroidery. It’s comfy and sturdy, supporting your feet for those long days walking along campus. I just had to have a pair to switch it up between my STEPANIE sneakers!

You can pick-up all your back-to-school necessities right off Back to Univerity shop—where they so conveniently rounded-up all the essentials. Stay tuned for my school beauty essentials!

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