The face cream that helped us survive a quick change in temperature.

Going from subzero weather to a hot and dry climate overnight can wreck havoc on the skin, but we made sure to bring the new Vichy Neovadiol Rose cream with us to Florida.

Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinium

Vichy’s newest Neovadiol face cream ($56.95) is your newest solution for firming and rejuvenating tired skin. It’s targeted for mature skin, but we prefer not to focus on that term. (Naturally, as skin ages, it loses certain abilities). That being said, Neovadiol face cream can work for skin of all ages, since its ingredients work to hydrate and firm. (Why not prevent instead of treat, right?)

The calcium and beeswax combination makes the rose-colored cream glide on like butter and settle comfortably into the skin. Of course, it has Vichy’s coveted Mineralizing Thermal Water to support your skin’s natural defense barrier. We saw softer, less textured skin within a week of consistent use (day and night) and its ability to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day is super impressive. This new Neovadiol Rose Platinum helped us survive a major climate change between Canada and Florida, so our love for it rivals our love for Vichy’s Idealia cream!

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