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Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.03.17 PMI discovered Thrive CausemeticsInstagram and I immediately felt the need to make a post. I was so happy to hear about a company focused on making lashes for women with cancer. Just like our hair, we use our eyelashes to make statements. Whether it is to curl them upwards or to paint them with coats of colorful mascara, it is our way of communicating style and beauty. After watching my sister’s eyelashes slowly disappear over the course of her treatments, it was exciting to find a product that was geared towards eyelids that had no hair to support falsies.

As you may already know, fake lashes on the market require natural hair for a proper grip. For women, like my sister, it is almost impossible to rock falsies. We all know that feeling of wanting to spice up our look with something extra, and personally, I always reach for fake lashes.

When I made my post, Karissa, Thrive Causemetics‘ Founder, was quick to reach out and eager to hear my sister’s story. She was previously involved with Look Good, Feel Better–a program that runs beauty workshops and provides donated products to women undergoing treatment. My sister had the opportunity to take part in this program, and despite receiving every kind of beauty product under the sun, there weren’t any fake lashes. (Not to complain, she was too overwhelmed by the generosity to immediately notice a lack of falsies.) Karissa was able to relate to my story because she heard many women voice their need for proper falsies.

Thrive Causemetics is currently selling lash adhesive ($16USD) and three types of false lashes ($26USD): Jackie are perfect for brunch on a bright Sunday with a colorful lip; Kristy are denser and great for making your eyes look rounder and bigger; and finally, Robin are thick and dark enough to intensify any smokey-eye.  Most importantly, for each purchase, Thrive Causemetics donates a pair of lashes to a woman with cancer.

Becca’s eyelashes grew back after being cancer-free for a year, but this is an amazing opportunity for women, on or off treatment, to feel a little extra beautiful.


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