Welcoming Biossance to Sephora Canada

We love when amazing new brands find their way across the border, so we’re here to celebrate the in-store arrival of #Biossance to @sephoracanada!

As scientists around here (have you seen our Science section Insta?!), we were incredibly surprised to learn about Biossance‚Äôs roots—which included patented technology and increased accessibility to malaria treatments. Their love for biotechnology eventually led to the 100% plant-based squalane skincare line that’s both sustainable, nontoxic, and eco-friendly. (Squalane used to be sources from sharks, but Biossance derives it from sugarcane!)

Bio-Backed #NoCompromiseBeauty

You already know hyaluronic acid is a fave around here, but did you know squalane is another fantastic moisturizing ingredient? It’s naturally found in our skin cells and it works to maintain hydration and suppleness. However, as with anything, squalane in our cells can decrease over time leading to a loss of hydration. Thankfully, we’ve been testing out a few goodies from Biossance that will work to replenish that squalane supply!

What to pick up next time you’re in Sephora

Now that Biossance is available in-store (and not just on sephora.ca), here’s two things we highly recommend you check out in person. The Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel ($68) is one of their bestsellers that will quickly become your newest solution for puffy eye and dark circles. Formulated with peptide, eyeseryl, argirelin, and Swiss apple stem cell extract, this eye gel will work to rejuvenate the delicate skin and support micro-circulation. Some eye cream can be heavy and lead to milia, but this is lightweight and absorbs fairly quickly, so we can safely say we haven’t come across any clogged pores post-application!

Another popular Biossance product is the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil ($90), a super luxe face oil that harnesses the superpowers of vitamin C. In combination with the squalane, your skin will enjoy pure hydration with a side of radiance. As you may have read on ymorbeauty.com, vitamin C works on hyper-pigmentation, reducing the damaging effects of free radicals, and overall brightness. This one is a total winner–the formula is oil-based but seeps right into the skin without any greasy downtime.

Happy shopping! And make sure to check out @biossance on Insta, their feed is amazing!

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FTC: in collaboration with Biossance; our opinions are our own!