What’s trending in skincare

Let me mention, what’s trending in affordable skincare. Shoppers Drug Mart has everything you need without breaking the bank.

Trends in skincare

It’s safe to say multi-masking and sheet masks are all the rage at the moment. However, I understand it’s hard to justify getting on the bandwagon when a some of the masks marketed for binge-masking start at $60 or that single sheets masks can run you $12 a piece. Thankfully, Shoppers Drug Mart offers quality skincare at an affordable price. The Life Brand Face Masks target a variety of skin issues, whether it you’re looking to purify, cleanse, soothe, or hydrate. I personally love the Life Brand Purifying Mud Face Mask with Volcanic Ash & Blue-Green Algae! Also, they have these really cool Foot Masks to keep you afloat in-between pedicures. (I’m obsessed!) You can pick up 3 for $15CAD!

Charcoal life

Detoxing your skin is a must this summer and charcoal is everywhere in every form possible—cleansers, masks, and face/nose strips. Life Brand has a wide selection of charcoal-based products, including these Charcoal Nose Strips and Charcoal Face & Nose Strips (which I use on my chin). Prices range, but they’re all under $15CAD, so you can use them as often as you want, without feeling the financial burn. And of course, you can merge your obsession with charcoal and masking using the Life Brand Detoxifying Mud Face Mask!

Nipping it by the bud

Summer comes with more time outside, which translates to more exposure to environmental pollution, and of course, more day drinking, and a few too many greasy BBQs. All that to say, you probably need to have some spot treatments or acne products on hand. Life Brand’s Clear Action Active Anti-Acne Treatment Kit is $19.99CAD and offers everything you need to treat acne. The Renewal Cleanser (Step 1) gentle rids your skin of dirt and impurities, the Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) cleanse and conditions, and finally, the Repairing Treatment fights (Step 3) acne to control any pimples.

By the way, everything I talked about is only at Shoppers, so plan your next trip out there soon!

FTC: these products were sent to me for my consideration; all opinions are my own.


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